Glass of wine.!!

All about a glass of wine, Its sounds so cheap or I don’t want to spend much on wine, but its has whole story in it. The restaurants who offers  by the glass wines they knows the mysterious story behind this glasses of wine.

When ever i talk with my guests and my friends about wine I always find a small hesitance and they all thinks wine is too hard to learn or to understand but i would say “hey just have a glass of wine dude” If you wanna understand wine or if you wanna learn wine just drink a glass of wine.

Think like your wine is your best buddy so the more time you spend with your best buddy you will understand more about them, same goes with your wine spend time, experience it, Feel it, for this drink more wine. The best saying from My Head Sommelier Florian David from Loire Valley, France.


Wine is so meaningful when you spend quality time with it, To create quality time I would recommend do not enjoy alone, wine is all about socialize with your dearest one, What you need is open mind and a wine opener to adopt what wine is and what it brings up, Wine can be more serious also can be very useful to express your self, You can get drunk or you use to express your self.

When you have bottle of wine with you that means you got an opportunity to make the wonderful moment. When i have a glass of wine and bunch of friends… OMG don’t ask me what we talk, Instead you may ask me what we missed.

I always have good opinion on those restaurants and hotels, which offers wines by the glass, its opens up the opportunity to taste many wines, but also in general there is small misunderstanding about wine by the glass. As a sommelier in my restaurant I offer 24 different wines to my guests, which helps me to achieve great guest satisfaction and good profitability Even a customer who concern about their expenses during their holiday a glass of wine is sounds so reasonable. Its helps me to improve my wine sales, without much effort, Helps me to offer unique wines which been always hidden secret in my wine cellar, Numbers of wines were been slow moving in my cellar and holding big amount of investment, I wanted sell them so I can bring in some new wines. Then I have decided to offered them by the glass, since then I realize my stock rotation ratio is been increased unexpectedly. For my customers specially those who stepping into wine world, who doesn’t have much understanding about wines or those who even doesn’t know how to choose their wine, for them it’s a great opportunity to experience different wines and to understand the wines with less spending. also fewer possibilities for bad experiences.

In order to attract my customer I randomly change my wine by the glasses with various choices from different part of the world, Its opens up the doors for the wine tasting events and creates ideal destination for the wine lovers who willing to taste rather than getting drunk.

When you got your reason to drink wine by the glass by the bottle now its time to know

“Right glass for right wine”

These Unique wine glasses are designed to enhance the flavor and aromas for different types of wines.
BURGUNDY GLASS – Fruity pinot noirs from Burgundy are best served in tapered glasses that swell in the middle, allowing the bouquet to develop fully.
NEW WORLD PINOT NOIR GLASS – Designed for fruit- forward, new world pinot noirs, this glass’s wide bowl allows for ample aeration, while extreme contours concentrate the bouquet.
CHARDONNAY GLASS – Big chardonnays with good acidity, like Pouilly Fuisse, Thrive in over size bowls, which allow plenty of air into the glass to coax out its nuanced flavors.
BORDEAUX GLASS – Concentrated red wines do well in a glass with a tall, generous bowl – the girth encourages oxidation; the elongated shape limits alcohol fumes.
SAUVIGNON BLANC GLASS – This narrow glass was originally made for aromatic white wines, like sauvignon blanc, the Pretty, tapered top concentrates aromas.
SYRAH GLASS – This glass was designed for rich Syrah based wines, the wide shape tames intensity and the narrow rim focuses the fruit.
CHAMPAGNE GLASS – The tall shape of this classic, elegant glass keeps the bubbles from dissipating, while the tapered rim focuses the drink’s bouquet to the nose.
PORT WINE GLASS – Fortified, high-alcohol wines do better in a small glass, which concentrates fruit but keeps the alcohol vapors at bay.

So whats now you got your Wines and you got the Right glasses and you got the reason to make the moment, Lets start drinking and keep talk and socialize.



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