If you ask me what is blogging or writing articles I would proudly say

 “Blogging is all about expressing the real fact about something in your own style without any influence and favor”

 I never even thought to be a blogger, until I asked to be a Trainer for my Colleagues on Wine and Wine service, Where I got my first opportunity to express my view on Wine, I always like to educate and share my knowledge and experiences to my friends and colleagues and guests. Wine talks are always gives me excitement and energy.

Over 8 years of Hospitality experience along with Advanced level certification in WSET, Brings professional base to my wine life as a Sommelier. Travel is been my best teacher, the first my wine educational Trip to France brought lots of energy in me and also makes me understand the heritage of wine culture. Since then my travel is never stopped

My work experience gave me the opportunity to learn the wine culture around the world, Meeting wine lovers around the world challenges me to know more about the wine, this is what I love in wine, you could never say I completed wine, because everyday it’s teach you something new and everyday your are beginner in wine,

Over all Sommelier is interesting job and wine is mysteries lets hold the hands together and talk about wines and share about my interesting moments of sommelier life. With this blog, I am putting down my thoughts, my experiences, and my interactions with people from the world of wine and food, and my exposure to the subject. Here will be articles, features, travel to wine regions, memorable wine and food experience. Along with comments and opinions. And plenty of International wine trends as well. There’s so much to talk about here. And my views in my articles and blogs are much like myself – very independent.


Sommelier Arun